Admin Secretary

Ms Naisikwe Lydia

Finance and Administrative Officer

I joined the Centre as a Secretary on 8th December 1998. This was one year after the starting of this great Centre in the region. The activities of the Centre include researching into Soga aspects, documenting researched information for preservation, publishing documented information for others to enjoy and learn. The Centre conducts Lusoga lessons for Basoga and non-Basoga interested in learning to read, write and speak Lusoga language. This has been especially used by foreigners coming to work in Busoga or with Basoga communities. We hold information dissemination and sensitization workshops on culture and human rights. This is basically to change people’s mentality that culture suppresses people’s human rights. Our role is to harmonize the two. This saw the translation of some of the basic human rights instruments into Lusoga and in a simplified form to the benefit of those who cannot read English. The translated instruments include: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR); The International Convention of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR); The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and Children’s Act 2000. The Centre has a modest library which is open to the general public at a small monthly fee. Noting that language is a great component of a given culture, the Centre has spear-headed the promotion of Lusoga teaching in schools as seen in the report; Reclaiming Our Language Through Education. Since ‘no-man is an lsland’, the Centre networks with a number of organizations. The people of the region have a better listening culture as compared to reading. The Centre therefore is setting up a sound recording studio in order to record both audio and videos for purposes of passing on important information to the target population not only in a form they can access it but also for preservation. Therefore, the Centre is looking for persons of goodwill and well-wishers to donate towards equipping this sound recording facility.

Activities for the year 2009 -2013

Activity Area
The centre is now facilitating adult literacy classes. See below for details of the Adult Literacy report launch.
Iganga, Kaliro and Kamuli districts. Four centres namely Budipa, Bulike, Nagwenhi, and Bupioko have been identified and are the Functional adult literacy centres.
Promote cultural-human rights awareness through seminars and sensitization workshops in the parishes Parishes of Budini, Kiyunga, Buluuba, Wesunire, Namwendwa, Irundu, Kagoma and Namunhumya.
Promote inculturation through composition and printing of a Lusoga Sunday Catechist’s Guide “Ekimuliikirira” in collaboration with the Jinja Diocesan Liturgical Commission The entire Busoga region.
The centre has so far gathered information on over 241 herbal medicinal plants and the diseases they treat, Nonetheless, the research is ongoing. The centre through the Diocese of Jinja has acquired a piece of land. The demonstartion garden has already been established and 93 species of herbal medicinal plants have been planted so far. more is yet to be planted.

The area which has been indentified is in Kitovu in Jinja.

Concerning the research into the family and marriage institution among the Basoga, and the challenges it is facing today, we are still on Data collection.

The entire Busoga region.

The CRC Museum is one of the projects of the Cultural Research Centre, a programme of the Diocese of Jinja. We are dedicated to researching, preserving, documenting and displaying the cultural knowledge and materials of the Basoga of Eastern Uganda.

Our principal objective is to create a connection with the young generation to their roots, by making available knowledge and artifacts through research, documentation and display.

Artifacts have been collected all over Busoga and beyond and the collection is ongoing. The Museum will not only comprise of Soga antiques but also a variety of the entire Ugandan Cultural artifacts to enable people appreciate their cultures as well as inculcating pride in them.

The museum is established within the Cultural Research Centre (CRC) premises and it targets all people of different walks of life who are interested in learning about their history, value and cullture.
Conducting Inculturation workshops in religious houses of formation in Jinja diocese. Busoga Scholasticate for the Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, Holy Cross Sisters Novitiate, Sacred Heart Sisters – Mbiko, Sisters of Mary Reparatrix – Kagoma.

Launch of the Adult Literacy Report in Kamuli

On the 13th May 2009,the State Minister for Gender and Cultural Affairs, Hon. Rukia Nakadaama visited Cultural Research Centre and appreciated it's work in promoting social development among Busoga communities, and on 14th May 2009, the Minister launched a report on the baseline survey on literacy levels that was done in the villages of Bupioko and Budipa in Kamuli District and Nagwenyi and Bulike of Iganga District.The function took place at Kamuli Town Council Gardens. The Ministers's prime message was that illiteracy has caused ignorance which is the major cause of poverty in Busoga. She urged all adults to embrace the Adult literacy programme so as to cause positive social changes in their communities.
Minister Adults
Minister Rukia Nakadama addressing the gathering. Some of the Adult learners that attended the function.
Ceremony Dignitaries
The minister with the guests at the Launch. Dignitaries at the Launching Ceremony.
Launch Guests
The Director of CRC, Fr. Kayaga addressing the gathering at the Launch. Guests that turned up for the function.


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