Realising that solely CRC staff cannot attain the vision and mission of CRC, we have other actors who contribute to the realisation of preserving and promoting our God-given ancestral and life-giving cultural heritage. There is collaborative effort with Jinja Diocesan Development Co-ordination Office (JIDDECO).

Secondly, since preservation and promotion can best be done through passing on such a heritage to the future generations by word, example and literature, we work closely with the Lusoga language Authority (LULA), an umbrella body for promoting the teaching and using Lusoga as a medium of instruction in schools. Other member Organizations under LULA are: Lusoga Ecumenical Bible Translation Team, Literacy and Adult Basic Education (LABE) – Busoga region, Kiira Adult Literacy, Multipurpose Iganga (MITEA), Bishop Willis Core Primary Teacher College,

Other groups include: National Curriculum Development Centre – NCDC, Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda –CCFU, Centre of African Christian Studies for Liberation & Inculturation – CACISA……

We also work with the Jinja Diocesan Liturgy Commission for purposes of inculturation. The cultural values discovered during the research are suggested to this commission to see how best these can be integrated in the Christian faith and worship. In this way, our culture is made relevant to Christianity and vice versa.

Summary of Partners
1) Jinja Diocesan Development Coordinating Organization (JIDDECO)
2) All Diocese of Jinja Departments (Justice and Peace Commission, Education, Health, Pastoral, Social Communication, Social Services, Land)
3) Bishop Willis Core PTC
4) National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC)
5) Primary Teachers College - Kaliro
6) Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC)
7) Makerere University Institute of Languages
8) Literacy Adult and Basic Education (LABE) – see
9) Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda(CCFU)- see
10) Centre of African Christian Studies (CACISA)- see
11) Busoga Kingdom- see
12) Human Rights Network – Uganda (HURINET – U)- see
13) Uganda Human Rights Commission - see
14) Organization for Good Life of the Marginalized (OGLM)- see
15) Twegaite Basoga Community in the USA - see
16) Basoga Associations in Tertiary institutions (Basoga Nseete in Makerere University, Basoga Baino in Mubende National Teachers College and National Teachers College - Kaliro, Abasoga Bukusu Bukoberana (ABBA)of Jinja School of Nursing and Midwifery and Jinja Basoga Institutional Students’ Association (JIBISA)
17) Uganda Christian University, Mukono
18) All Religious Houses of Formation

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