Teddy A. Nabirye

As one proud to be a Musoga, I am very proud of the Cultural Research Centre because of what it has done for Busoga.

The Cultural Research Centre has proved to be an important institution of and for Busoga Region. It is strategically situated in the heart of Jinja Town, a tourist centre in Uganda because of the Source of the Nile and the Budhagaali falls.

It has played an important role in the preservation documentation development of the culture of the Basoga. More particularly, the language part of it which had been for ages spoken but not properly written.

A number of books resulting from the research work of the Centre have been written concerning a number of themes on the Cultural heritage of the Basoga. Prominent

of all is the collection of close to three thousand Kisoga proverbs, a manifestation of God’s endowment of His wisdom to the Basoga.

DictionaryAs a teacher of the English language, I appreciate and greatly commend the Cultural Research Centre’s brave initiative to initiate the use of Lusoga as a local language in Lower Primary School level. Though this has been successfully done with the combined effort of the Lusoga Language Authority, certainly no one who knows the history of Busoga and the Basoga would deny the fact that the Cultural Research Centre’s role has been prominent and if anything, pivotal in this venture. The Centre did the ground work by producing folk story books, riddles, proverbs, grammar and the Lusoga – English dictionary. As a language teacher, I do strongly believe that with this innovation of pupils starting to learn in Lusoga here in Busoga, their English will also be improved upon.

It is my humble prayer that the Almighty God enables the management and staff to improve on and sustain this cause. Let the sky be the limit.

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